My 700+ phone farm

Written by  on November 24, 2017

Personally, I spend a maximum of 3-4 hours a day on the farm.
I have an assistant who helps me with some phones, but basically my farm works in a passive mode.

On the video less than half of my phones

I have a lot of experience in farms, if there are any questions, ask)

namecheap black friday coupons!!

Written by  on November 24, 2017

i have coupons who want it ?

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I GOT 2 STRIKE on my youtube channel AND i fill counter notification but i fil fake details , i am scared, please advice me, Thanks

can i get expired domain list for free?

Written by  on November 24, 2017

Today i can register few domains for cheap price but i not have a time to find good expired domain.. any solution or maybe good man to help ?

im searching .com .net .org domains only good DA TF PA


Dropshipping and Blogging

Written by  on November 24, 2017

Hey, I was wondering how big your account for Twitter and Instagram were before you started making money with drop shipping or blog posts. Also which one would you recommend? Thanks in advance


Written by  on November 24, 2017

Hello friends,
I am new here. How are you all?

Supid Question about IG?

Written by  on November 24, 2017

I have 3 IG accounts with real 500 followers each, for example in one of my accounts I'm targeting Dog lovers niche, So i post 5 posts everyday "dog photos" and after 3 days i post a Teespring t-shirt,
do you think what i'm doing is wrong ?
I mean should i just post t-shirts not dog Pics?, I'm new at IG so just a small advice from you guys will be so helpful for me, Thanks in advance!

It is real or fake?????

Written by  on November 24, 2017

I want to know the truth of this website ( ) if it is real or fake and thank you..

Followliker problem! Please help bros!

Written by  on November 24, 2017

Hello. I added new account to FollowLiker and Activity Logs look like this:

Checking account…

404 not found was received from instagram…

Not working, whats the problem? Please help guys!

Hard work pays off eventually

Written by  on November 24, 2017

As most of the members here, my goal is to make money online – but wasn't always easy, in fact, this IM world is a bitc# and you must find a way to rule her if you want to make some $$$.

Disclaimer: English is not my primary language so you will find a lot of mistakes, hopefully, you will get the point.

I don't have any skill / I don't have any idea how to make money online

This is the most common…

Hard work pays off eventually